NOW Specialties presents Methodist Richardson, built in 2014. The new Methodist facility offers, among many other features, a comprehensive women’s imaging center, private labor and delivery suites, a Level III neonatal intensive care unit and robotic gynecological surgery. The Richardson campus offers 209 beds and all private rooms, more than 400 physicians in thirty-five specialties, as well as ground-level outpatient, imaging and surgical services. We believe Perkins and Will’s modern design and bold material distinctions complete this state-of-the-art health care center. We were very proud to work for Rogers O’Brien on this beautiful building.

"In my work experience with NOW Specialties at the Methodist Richardson Hospital project in Richardson Texas; NOW Specialties has shown the expertise and team centered approach to help this project team to a successful completion. They worked tirelessly with a safety first attitude all the while providing cooperation & support to the team, knowledge of their materials and a first rate understanding of their systems. We could have not finished this project on time and maintained a high client satisfaction without their involvement in this project".
-Rogers-O'Brien Construction, February 2016, regarding Methodist Richardson Medical Center


NOW Specialties presents the Cotton Bowl, last renovated in 2012. The Cotton Bowl was originally named Fair Park Stadium, with a seating capacity of 46,000, although periodic retrofits have doubled that capacity to 92,100. Today it is the ninth largest football stadium in the United States.

Heery International was responsible for the 2012 renovation, which featured a dramatic stainless steel mesh design and silver metallic accent band. Cambridge Architectural provided two of their architectural mesh patterns: Midbalance and Pellican, and they were tireless in their support of our installation. NOW Specialties is grateful for the opportunity to work with Balfour Beatty Construction, the architect, and our excellent suppliers throughout the improvement of this true Dallas icon.

"NOW Specialties was an instrumental Subcontractor/Design Build Partner to the Success of the Design-Build Project. They provided constant leadership and teamwork approach to the project. They were definitely an A+ subcontractor to a difficult project".
—Balfour Beatty, October 2013, regarding the Cotton Bowl Renovations


Space, the final frontier. (And this is Texas, we know about frontiers!)

NOW Specialties presents the Observatory and Planetarium at San Antonio College, last renovated in 2014. Since 1961, two million members of San Antonio's community have learned about the cosmos at the Scobee Planetarium, which features 100 individual reclined seats, new lights and sound system, and an advanced digital projection system.

The observatory sits atop the conical Charles E. Cheever Jr. Star Tower (Mica Blue aluminum composite material), with a 10-inch refractor telescope that can track stars in all directions with its 360-degree rotating dome.

Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects was responsible for the renovation, which included Mica Grey ACM for the adjacent walls, parapets and light fixture columns. The Mica Platinum ACM was used for the quarter-sphere of the planetarium's exterior, matching the observatory's dome in form and finish. A beautiful and bright Mica Blue ACM was used on both the interior and exterior walls of the conical tower that supports the observatory.

Featuring absolutely breathtaking drone footage from our own Stephen Hurd, this video seems less like a flyby and more like a trip through a rendering. We hope you enjoy the scenery and the music, recorded by William Ryan Fritch and licensed by Settled Scores/Lost Tribe Sound.

NOW Logo Retrofit Demo

Don’t let him tell you that it took the better part of a month. We have it documented on film that he started and finished it all in the span of about three minutes.

For our latest video, our own Stephen Hurd lets us look behind the curtain as he retrofits the company logo. Watch as the familiar blue frame and bars rise out of chalkboard, a concrete surface, rusty steel and a wood-grain pattern. Representing the four main benchmarks of commercial construction—blueprint, foundation, structure and cladding—the result is a lively peek at the creative graphic design process.

My favorite of the four is the blackboard. I keep trying to clean chalk from the canvas with a wet towel. But you have to see them for yourself to decide. The four logos are on display at the new Metrocrest location (actually there are five, now that Stephen has printed out a copper version of the logo for his office). Come take a look.

The music, as always, was recorded by William Ryan Fritch. We had to cut out the best parts because they were too gorgeous for human ears. But the initiated can listen to the entire track on his Emptied Animal EP.

We hope you enjoy it!

North Richland Hills Municipal Complex

On May 13, North Richland Hills unveiled its new three-story, $60 million, 180,000 square foot City Hall. Built on a nine-acre site at the location of the old North Hills Mall, the municipal building brings city services under one roof; from the water department and city council to public safety and municipal courts. While watching the video you may note some adjacent, undeveloped land. The new center is expected to attract shops, restaurants, a hotel, entertainment venues and up to three hundred apartment units.

Brinkley Sargent was the architect of record, while Balfour Beatty Construction served as construction manager at risk. Balfour contracted with NOW Specialties to provide Bright Silver Metallic aluminum composite material (ACM) on the canopies, upper walls and accent columns, as well as Bright Silver Metallic Morin A-12 at the parapets. We installed Garden Slate ACM and two Morin profiles (MX1.0 and MX2.0) at the mechanical screenwalls. We believe the metal panels make a stunning addition to the façade of natural stone, glass and exterior lighting. We’re also pretty fond of the building geometry, if the video doesn’t make that clear.

I’m not sure if Stephen made two trips between the sunrise and sunset flights, or if he just camped out overnight and ate lasagna from a bag. But either way, let’s give him a round of applause for another great video shoot and beautiful video!

Research Forest Lakeside

For our next video we went south to The Woodlands, home of the Research Forest Lakeside campus. This ongoing development currently offers ten office buildings, four retail buildings, over three million square feet of lease space and seventy-seven acres of property. Harvey Builders contracted with us on Buildings 4 and 5, as well as the adjacent parking garage, which feature Ice Silver aluminum composite material throughout. The connecting courtyard further showcases our ACM fabrication with an immediately iconic halo shape (not to mention a fair amount of drone turbulence). The fountains, lake, nearby greenery and dazzling reflected sunlight made for some of our most stunning footage yet.

We would like to recognize Ziegler Cooper for their beautiful design, and thank PMRG for the site access.

Science and Allied Health Facility | San Jacinto College | south campus

And now to south Houston, where we visit San Jacinto College's leading-edge Science and Allied Health Facility, which opened in late 2013 and was beautifully designed by Bay Architects.

This 155,000 square foot building includes classrooms, simulation labs, lecture halls and conference rooms. As the name suggests, students come to learn geology, physics, chemistry and biology. Here the college also provides programs for nursing, pharmacy technology and physical therapy.

We contracted with J.E. Dunn Construction to provide a rain screen system of Bright Silver Metallic ACM around most of the opaque building envelope. It is accented with diamond shaped Spectra Cupral on the cylindrical front entrance and accent wall, as well as with Pure White for the two entry canopies. Enjoy!

The Bowie

Downtown Austin is our next stop, where we visit The Bowie Residences on the banks of the Colorado River. This 37-story, upscale, mixed-use facility boasts the highest swimming pool in Texas, in addition to its many other diverse amenities such as kayak rentals, a coffee bar and dog grooming room.

HKS was the firm behind the LEED Silver design, which was built around an old oak and features elevated garden terraces, a convex parking garage and a tenth-floor fire pit.

NOW Specialties had the privilege of contracting again with Harvey (remember our Research Forest Lakeside video from June). We installed our NOW-1100 wet-seal system at the garden terraces, as well as at the fascia and column covers which accent the parking garage.

We would like to thank The Bowie management, and Lynd Conscious Real Estate for coordinating and granting us admission to the property.

Chickasaw Nation Tishomingo Health Clinic

In 2013 we were part of the Chickasaw Nation Health Clinic project, and were honored to work with James R. Childers Architect and Flintco Constructive Solutions. Our work included the Dri-Design Tapered Series, which can be angled in any direction, with varying depths and degrees of slope (Charcoal color). We also installed Gold Copper KME TECU shingles and our NOW-1100 wet system, with Anodic Clear ACM.

This 53,000-square foot clinic is four times larger than its forty year old predecessor, providing a wide range of services from dentistry and optical to ultrasounds and bone density scans. Enjoy the flight!

UT Dallas Campus

In summer 2016 we filmed a number of our projects on the University of Texas at Dallas campus. We are always stunned by the beauty and architectural diversity there. Some of our installations include:

Naveen Jindal School of Management
Edith O’Donnell Arts & Technology
Founder’s Building
Natural Science & Engineering Research Lab
Bioengineering Science Building

These projects span from 2002 to 2014 and the materials are as varied as the building functions: aluminum composite, perforated zinc, colored stainless steel and roll-formed mechanical screens.

Those of us who grew up in North Dallas are proud to have watched the growth of this university first-hand. NOW Specialties would like to thank UTD for bringing us in on so many important and stunning installations over the years, and for allowing us campus access during filming. Next on the bucket list, we’d like to film a flight from the Founder’s Building to UTD Center for Brain Health, some fifteen miles south!

Allen Samuels FIAT Alfa Romeo

The focus of this distinct and striking building is a highly reflective aluminum finish, like mirrors tinted in red and gray. We have fabricated material for auto dealerships before but the Allen Samuels project is a gemstone among them. The project team included The Wallace Group (architect) and CWA Construction (general contractor).

Material specifications: 4mm Alpolic composite material installed in our 4200 rainscreen system. Cladding finishes are Mica MFS Gray, Mica MRO Gray and ROZ Red. One of the design and fabrication challenges was the ventilated sidewalk enclosure, which required the material be painted on both sides and perforated extensively.

We offer our sincere thanks to the Allen Samuels organization, for granting us permission to access their new facilities.

New Parkland Hospital

It was August 20, 2015. Some time before six in the morning, Parkland Memorial accepted its last case.

A two-day transition began, with hospital personnel transferring 600 patients by wheelchair or bed. The destination? A new $1.3 billion facility on Harry Hines, a mere 1,000 feet from the first, but twice the size and far more advanced.

The numbers speak for themselves. It was the largest single-phase public health development in the U.S. Among other funding means, $150 million came from philanthropic sources. Sixty percent of area surgeons will learn here. Last year alone, nine million prescriptions were filled and eleven million pathology procedures were completed. We cannot thank you enough for letting us play a role: HDR, Inc., Corgan Associates and the general contractor, BARA.

We hope you enjoy the video, created by Gino Johnson Productions.