Material Information

Why use ACM?

  • Limitless custom design and easy field modification
  • Excellent manufacturing tolerances combined with re-design potential
  • Crisp, one-piece corners
  • Color durability
  • Excellent module flexibility
  • Concealed fasteners
  • Low panel weight reduces framing costs
  • Short manufacturing and fabrication times
  • Lower price
  • Radiused Panels
  • Aluminum skin never rusts
  • No tendency to blister, bubble, or delaminate
  • Aluminum panels reduce the risk of paint failure in humidity and salt atmospheres

Why use High-Pressure Laminates?

  • Highly weather resistant
  • Large Panel Size (up to 7' sheet widths)
  • No mold due to continuous airflow between cladding and because of the use of non-microbial surface finishes
  • Air Flow behind system maintains equal air pressure behind cladding and the ambient outside air, which helps in preventing moisture penetration and regulating the building temperature
  • Can be router cut to form reveals to simulate small panels, by using less expensive large panels
  • The only panel material cured by using a patented electron beam technology (Electron Beam Curing)
  • UV resistant (colorfast)
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Adds decades to the life of a structure
  • Impact, scratch and graffiti resistant
  • Withstands extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Over 300 unique colors and textures

Why use Zinc?

  • The look of a natural metal, without wild swings in appearance
  • Textural appeal
  • Very low life-cycle costs
  • 90 to 100% recyclable
  • Less “embodied energy” than steel or aluminum
  • Self-healing, with a naturally developing patina surface