Best known as a Premium MCA Fabricator of aluminum composite material, NOW Specialties designs, engineers, tests, fabricates, and installs end-use mounting systems for a wide portfolio of architectural cladding products. The team at our 50,000sf facility in Carrollton, Texas produces custom horizontal sunshades, decorative louvers, high-pressure laminates, shingles, metal cornices, column covers, formed aluminum sheets, curved fascias, and polychromatic medallions.

At NOW, we are proud of the variety of work we have accomplished from the smallest canopy repair to the largest airport terminal. We are skilled in the design and installation of anything from a plumb vertical wall to complex geometrical shapes. Our expertise covers a wide range of cladding products including but not limited to steel sheet, aluminum composite material, high-pressure laminate, zinc, copper, and stainless steel. We strive to be the premiere fabricator of exterior panel systems in the country.

Take a look at our Custom Fabrications and some of our more Exotic offerings to fully grasp the scope of our work.