NOW Specialties is dedicated to the health and well-being of our workers, our fellow subcontractors, building owners, tenants and the community at large. Our safety department is based in Dallas and is led by Jacob Gomez, who answers directly to company ownership. Jamie Gonzales is our Assistant Safety Director and assists Gomez with all aspects of the department, including new hire training and purchasing. John Smith (lead Houston inspector) and Miguel Barboza (lead Austin inspector) are key members of the team. The department size fluctuates between six and 14, depending on the number of current projects and work complexity. In late 2017 we added DOT compliance to the department functions.

The department’s success speaks for itself. Gomez (a member of Texo’s Latino Safety Committee) oversaw a 24% reduction in claims in 2012-2013, down from 2010-2011. Sherry Nolan, our company president, won Texo’s Construction Safety Superstar in June 2013. In November 2015, and again in October 2016, we received Safety Trophies from Texas Mutual Workers' Compensation Insurance, "For Dedication to Employee Health and Safety.” This is a special honor, as only 200 of 65,000 policyholders are selected for recognition. In February 2016 the RHCA honored NOW with its Pillar Award, based in large part on our safety record. See the pages linked below to get an idea of our culture of safety.