NOW 8000

The NOW-8000 is a route-and-return vertical wall cladding system, which capitalizes on the superior finishes and flatness of metal composite material (MCM). A modification of our NOW-1100 system, it is tested to AAMA 509 and classified as W1, V1.

Continuous, extruded tongue-in-groove profiles allow for ease of installation and inherent thermal/building movement. The NOW-8000 may be left open at top and bottom for enhanced ventilation. Rear-mounted I-beam stiffeners ensure deflection maximums. Joint splines conceal the secondary components, making this a suitable system for interior as well as exterior use. (Joint splines are normally fabricated from the same material as the adjacent panel face, yet designers might opt for color contrast.)

Natural metals such as copper, stainless steel and titanium are available. Return legs are fully exposed, for a crisp and attractive reveal. With a geographically-suitable air barrier material, the NOW-8000 is our most affordable and design-flexible rainscreen.

Specifications (DOC)

Product submittal (PDF)