NOW 8100

The NOW-8100 is a route-and-return vertical wall cladding system,which capitalizes on the superior finishes and flatness of metal composite material (MCM). Tested to AAMA 508, it is our pressure-equalized rainscreen (PERS), featuring an innovative one-component assembly that fabricates MCM into a grid of concealed integral diverters, shedding water to the base of the system. The NOW-8100 may be left open at top and bottom for enhanced ventilation.

The NOW-8100 features no exposed trim, fasteners, or extrusions. joint splines are unnecessary as the face material and recessed reveals are fabricated from the same stock. Natural metals such as copper, stainless steel and titanium are available. Return legs are fully exposed, for a crisp and attractive reveal. With a geographically-suitable air barrier material, the NOW-8100 is the newest addition to our line of rainscreen systems, and represents NOW at the height of our engineering capabilities.

Specifications (DOC)

Product submittal(PDF)